COVID Update for Patients

Dear Patient Family,

We hope you and your family are all safe and well during this pandemic. We are dedicated to providing quality care while ensuring you and your loved ones remain safe. In order to do so, we have adopted the following protocols in addition to our current operating procedures:



• Everyone is to wear a face covering while in the office; this applies to staff and patients

ο Patients may wear a covering from home

ο Nose and mouth will be covered at all times

                  ο Masks with valves are not allowed unless covered with an additional mask

• All people will have temperatures taken and logged before entering the office

• Patients will be asked to wash their hands with soap and water when they enter the

office as well as various times throughout the exam process

• Minimize unnecessary contact:

ο added physical barriers throughout the office to separate staff and patients

ο Aim to maintain six feet of separation between staff and patients

ο Requesting patients come to office unaccompanied unless it is necessary that you have a guardian/ambulatory help

ο To avoid crowding the reception area, patients are asked to wait in their car, if possible, until we call/text that they can proceed to an exam room

ο We have removed unnecessary “high touch” items, such as magazines or toys

ο Stagger appointments to minimize patient overlap

• Locking the front door in order to control the number of people in the office at one time

• Limit non-essential visits by external partners and vendors; continuing to substitute in-person visits with virtual meetings


• Added physical barrier at dispensary table to separate staff and patients

• Ask patients to use hand sanitizer before trying on frames

• Only staff is to pull frames from our frame boards

• All frames that have been handled by patients or staff will be appropriately disinfected based on material sensitivity and manufacturer’s recommendations

• After use, all trays will be cleaned with EPA-approved disinfectants such as hypochlorous acid, alcohol-based or chlorine-based cleaners



• Staff will not come into the office if feeling symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste, or illness

• Staff to have temperature taken, report symptoms daily, and document daily for the office

• All staff to wear a face covering while in the office (e.g. surgical, fabric, or best available)

• Staff will change their face covering if soiled or if they meet a symptomatic person

• Minimize touching the face covering and limit frequent removal of the same covering

• To further reduce any minimal risk of contamination on clothing, staff recommended to change clothes at the end of the day before they leave or as soon as they arrive home

• Practice hand hygiene frequently, including upon arrival and leaving the office

• Where possible, maintain six feet separation among staff members



• Cleaning procedures are to be followed daily, between every patient, with a weekly focus on deeper cleaning. Procedures are in addition to opening and closing daily checklist

• Clean all touched surfaces after every patient with an EPA- approved disinfectant

Thank you for your understanding of our new safety measures. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.



Dr. Christine J.J. Chao